Thursday, November 13, 2014

Spotlight on education: Can single-stream schools fix knowledge, racial gap? | Malaysia | The Malay Mail Online

Spotlight on education: Can single-stream schools fix knowledge, racial gap? | Malaysia | The Malay Mail Online

I think we need to ask ourselves fundamental questions such as:

"how do we educate children today in the principal of inclusiveness?"

"how can the education process be itself be this model of appreciation f diversity?"

"should the the education ministry's role be redefined to innovate rather than regulate?"

...... more.

Have we forgotten our forgotten children? - The Malaysian Insider

We have forgotten our children, period.

How many times have we seen lavish spending to launch plans and blueprints with no real follow-through, no real goals and directions? It is also as if such event were only to glorify the principal stakeholders, where children and parents are unfortunately, not on the list. The half-heartedness of these efforts is so telling. I also get the impression that the whole-hearted, inspired teachers are trying their very best and have to up against strong odds to help educate their children.

The reality is that the people entrusted to preserve and to grow a rich heritage are not really interested to do so, or have no leadership in that direction. Even many of their own children are out of the system, overseas or in private educational institutions.

We really need to wake from this slumber and put our children's future some priority.

The good thing that is coming our of this is the some parents are taking things in their own hands and developing alternatively approaches from homeschooling to alternative schools.

Perhaps the silver lining really lies in the saying, "from adversity arises genius". Some gems may just arise from this seemingly hopeless situation.

Have we forgotten our forgotten children? - The Malaysian Insider

Monday, March 17, 2014

On Innovation

I am always intrigue by the fact that many people can people can be so innovative and creative. This take gives a very different dimension to social entrepreneurship. 

I always think that if we can combine the mastery of business with the innovative and creative thinking and wrapped it all in with the goodness from our hearts, we can truly make changes and create meaningful social impact. 

We meet to encourage to push for a"Silicon Valley of social Enterprise"

Social Enterprise, not something new.

Social Enterprise - something I have been planning to for for a while, now happening

We are not starting some new,we are going back to our roots.

A core strength of the human being is our inherent ability to adapt to changes and challenges thrown at us. We can be really innovative and creative in finding solutions, this is the inherent entrepreneurial nature we have. Another inherent nature of humans is that we are fundamentally good and care for one another. Having children and in many ways worked with children, you will know what I mean. It is human nature to be able to withstand adversity and find a way out of challenging situations with goodness in our hearts.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

Dear Friends,

let's recall the simple things in life that bring great happiness!

have a good break, have a good holiday!

K V, Wai Leng, Amrita, Samanta & Arian (the artist)    :-)